Savor Mexico 2013

Savor Mexico 2013

We are pleased to announce that 3015 at Trinity Groves will be hosting this years Savor Mexico event. The highlight of the night will be the competition pitting some of the best students at various Universities in Mexico with a Culinary Arts Program. The benefactor for this year’s competition will be the Greenville Ave. Area Business Association’s College Scholarship Fund helping students in the Dallas area achieve their dream of attending college.

Savor Mexico is an event that began four years ago in an effort to bring various regions of Mexican food to the area and to further aid the Scholarship Fund for GAABA. Education is very important and this opportunity to help young men and women achieve their goals of attending college is very special.

This year’s Savor Mexico will be an exceptional evening highlighting the exotic and historic flavors of Oaxaca. This region is widely
known as the gastronomical epicenter of Mexico and is visited by many chefs from all over the globe.

Open a pdf to view more details about this great event.

Visit Savor Mexico’s website ( to find out more information about this event, the competition, and to purchase tickets.

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